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What is hmr Mdf?

HMR MDF stands for High Moisture Resistance Medium Density Fiberboard. It is a type of engineered wood product made from wood fibers and resin that is compressed under high pressure and temperature to create a dense, smooth, and uniform panel.


HMR MDF is specially designed to have high moisture resistance, which makes it suitable for use in environments where there is a high level of humidity, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. It is also used for outdoor applications like exterior siding and trim.


The high moisture resistance of HMR MDF is achieved through the addition of moisture-resistant additives to the wood fibers and resin during the manufacturing process. This helps to prevent swelling, warping, and delamination of the panels when exposed to moisture.


Overall, HMR MDF is a versatile and durable building material that offers excellent moisture resistance properties and can be used for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.



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