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How do you choose between OSB and Plywood?

  Plywood can be used for wall sheathing and flooring material, but oriented strand board (OSB), introduced in the late 70s, is now the most popular. But both have their advantages and disadvantages — so which should you use for your project?

  Both products can be used interchangeably by builders as roofing material, exterior wall sheathing, and floor underlayment.Plywood is strong and versatile, but expensive.OSB can saves your money, but loses on aesthetics.Most plywood and OSB is sourced from young trees that grow quickly, so it is a more sustainable product than old growth timber.

  Performance across both types of wood is very similar but if cost is your number one concern, OSB is the logical choice. But for applications where the wood will be exposed, such as making furniture or home improvement repairs, natural-looking plywood is superior.

  Fortunately,we supply OSB,film faced plywood,commercial plywood.No matter which one you choose, we can provide you with high quality.


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