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Do you know the advantages of OSB?

We are one of OSB manufacturers, here I will tell you some advantages of OSB.

high quality OSB

Versatile. In order to adapt to certain applications, OSB manufacturers can essentially just tweak the recipe for their product. Chris Degnan, marketing director of strand technologies at iLevel by Weyerhaeuser, says OSB “can be made in different formulations to suit various climates and budgets. This is especially important for floor panels, since OSB resists buckling and helps provide a flat and stable floor.”

Available in large sizes. Plywood can be produced in lengths from 8 feet to 10 feet, but that’s pretty much it. OSB, on the hand, says APA's Adair, can be produced in panels up to 8 feet wide and in lengths of up to 16 feet. Some manufacturers say even 24 feet is possible. This is mainly due to production. An OSB plant can easily adjust to make longer boards, while plywood producers are limited by tree sizes.

Consistent. Anyone who has worked with OSB knows that the panels are dense and solid throughout the product. This is due to the manufacturing process. Consistent-sized thin wood strands are mixed with wax and adhesive and compressed with up to 1,100 pounds per square inch. Approximately 50 layers of strands make one sheet of OSB, according to HUD's Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH).

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