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How much you know film faced plywood?

Film faced plywood is a kind of veneer plywood covered with film , which is phenolic glue (or other glue)impregnated paper and is different from MDO or HDO.

Film Faced Plywood

Based on the color of film, film faced plywood can be classified as brown film faced plywood and black film faced plywood . Brown film is much better than black film . Because brown film is phenolic impregnated paper while black film is melamine impregnated paper .

Film faced plywood is mainly used for construction . So film faced plywood is also called shuttering film faced plywood, concrete form, shuttering concrete form . Because of this end use, customers usually want WBP film faced plywood , which is more suitable to be used as shuttering for big projects . However, some customers require MR film faced plywood , which are to be used as shuttering for ordinary projects .

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